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People around the world are starting to realize that Johnson & Johnson has become a pit of corruption leading to toxic products, harmful devices and bad drugs. By raising awareness, together we can make it change. Please, share a dose of reality with your family and friends by sharing any page on the Johnson and Toxin site via your favorite social media outlet.

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...gifts from J&J victims, their families and friends, and those who do not wish to become victims of yet another toxic, defective, harmful product, drug or medical device and demand Johnson & Johnson management is held accountable for harms they've caused men, women and children around the world.
Thank you all very much =)

Our health care products should be safe - better than the last generation of products, safer with fewer side effects and risks. However, products produced by Johnson & Johnson quite often are not safe. Perfect examples include Metal-on-Metal hips, TVT Mesh, Levaquin, Risperdal and even consumer goods such as soap and shampoo. Many people say they don't believe that Johnson & Johnson products could possibly be harmful. Truthfully, I didn't want to believe it either. However, with so much information coming in that the products have known risks that far exceed the benefits, convinced me that we need to hold managers, and even the CEO of Johnson & Johnson, accountable for harms caused by their products - especially when there were known issues with the product and Johnson & Johnson choose to continue selling the products rather than pull unsafe products off the market, protecting the health and well-being of consumers.
The unethical choices made by management at Johnson & Johnson are a reflection on ALL United States corporations. The message they are sending is clear: The safety of their customers is not as important to them as the profits made by harming people, many suffering for the rest of their shortened, miserable lives.

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